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Home » News » Awesome after work fun in Leeds

Leeds and clubbing go together, like besotted lovers, hand in hand, like peaches and Cream. You just can’t separate clubbing from Leeds. We all in this modern world experience an affinity for late night raving and having a desire for good time runs deep inside us – and then we totally throw our self into a frolic party. Leeds is full of all the flavors. But it is advisable to visit these parties with a companion to enhance your pleasure. In case you don’t have a companion, look up to Leeds escorts.

Here’s a list of some of the best club nights igniting Leeds.


Call Lane is one of the busiest nightlife venues in Leeds. It is very much popular with professionals and students. It is full of bars playing every type of music you can think of.

Spend the night savoring the drinks at Call Lane Social’s Tiki Hideaway or head to Jake’s Bar for a homemade liquor.  Oporto caters for a home away from home with their regular live bands and DJ’s, a great place to kick back with some mates.
Black Swan will totally spoil the craft beer lovers with its amazing taste and charisma. They have coupled their selection with homemade sourdough pizzas, while on the other hand, Roland’s have a mysticgamut of liquor ready to be served in their beer garden.


People who are looking for something out of the block in Leeds are will surely to find it in Briggate. Occupied by traditional pubs and cobbled streets, it’s the place to be for fans of the beer and liquor lovers.

Just beside Briggate is Whitelock’s, still standing strong after 300 years of pulling pints in Leeds. Their traditional décor, unchanged since 1886, offers a unique and antiquerealaxation in the heart of the city.

A regular haunt for Leeds’ beer connoisseurs, North Bar on New Briggate feature an ever changing drinks selection.

Smokestack brings a taste of New Orleans to the heart of Leeds, with live music and a soulful soundtrack, while Mint Club spins the latest in house and techno into the early


Millennium square happens to be magnetic spot for professionals looking for an after work cocktail and relaxation. Millennium Square and Park Row caters for bars in Leeds that are perfectly apt for starting the night off right.
You can relish the fine taste of liquor of TheDecanter,relax on the benches with a beer at A NationofShopkeepers, or take in the finer things in life at Epernay and The Liquorist – just off on Greek Street – with their range of specialist champagne and cocktails.

Leeds is one of those amazing cities which has everything for its citizens. Everything means just about everything which one can think of. And in that array of offerings, a stunning companion is also included. To avail a beautiful companion in your arms in Leeds, get in touch with Leeds Escorts . Enjoy.




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