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Home » News » What makes Leeds best spot to drink? Here’s it

Leeds is a place which goes together hand in hand with clubbing, like high school sweethearts, like peaches and Cream. They are simply inseparable. We all in this modern world experience a need for late night raving and having a longing for good time runs deep inside us. Leeds is a place which is full of all the flavors. But it is advisable to visit these parties with a companion to enhance your pleasure. In case you don’t have a companion, look up to Leeds escorts.

Here’s a list of some of the best club nights venues in Leeds.


Millennium square has got itself lined up in the list of the magnetic spots for professionals and individuals looking for an after work cocktail and relaxation. Millennium Square and Park Row provides such bars in Leeds that are perfectly tailor made for starting the night off right.

It caters for the fine taste of liquor of TheDecanter,relax on the seats with a beer atNation of Shopkeepers, or take in the finer things in life at Epernay and The Liquorist–beyond the Greek Street – with their range of specialist wine and cocktails.


Call Lane happens to be one of the most visited nightlife venues by the masses in Leeds. It is extremely popular with officials and scholars. It is known to be a bars which plays every type of music you can think of.

Go into a the night cherishing the drinks at Call Lane Social’sTiki Hideaway or move in the direction to Jake’s Bar for a homemade liquor.

Black Swan is totally up to spoiling the craft beer lovers with its amazing taste and charisma. They have doubled their selection with homemade pizzas, while on the other hand, Roland’s have a great selection of liquor ready to be served in their beer garden.


People who areseeking an experience of something out of the block in the city of Leeds are surelygoing to find it in Briggate. Held by traditional pubs and cobbled streets, it’s the place to be visited by the fans of the beer and liquor lovers.

Just in the lane of Briggate is Whitelock’s. Their classic ambience, unchanged since 1886, caters for a unique and antiquerelaxation in the heart of the city.

Smokestack delves a flavour of New Orleans to the heart of Leeds, with live music and a soulful soundtrack playing in it, while Mint Club shuffles between the latest in house and techno into the early

Leeds is one of those ever amazing cities this world has which has everything for its citizens. Everything caters for just about everything which one can think of. And in that array of offerings, a beautiful companion is also included. To avail a beautiful companion in your arms in Leeds, get in touch with Escorts in Leeds.




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